Anonymous asked: how does it feel to be you

really bad

Anonymous asked: you are really awesome and really pretty woooo go you

thank you, youre awesome :*

Anonymous asked: hey i've got a question about your theme 'monster'. i wanted to ask how/where you can change the color of the description text? C: thanks anyway

find this: .ac-container article p {

under this youll find this: color: #a2a2a2;

you can change it there

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So I’ve decided to post another fansite theme for your use. I put two previews so you can see on first preview how it looks on my other blog (some parts are a bit different than in original coding) and what size the photos are on second preview. Like last time you need to change boxes’ content manually except the members box so you need to know about coding at least a bit. Don’t use this theme if you don’t know about HTML! I always work hard on my themes so please respect that and don’t steal parts from the coding, don’t use as base and don’t delete the credit or move it somewhere. If you have any questions about the theme ask them unanonymously, anon questions will be deleted. If you see that something doesn’t work properly please contact with me. Thanks for using my theme and enjoy! :)


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